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Wong Sung-Nin  ♂

<br>Tragedy on the Hill of the Waiting Wife (1955)
Tragedy on the Hill of the Waiting Wife (1955)

The Dunce Bumps into a Ghost (1957)
Wong Sung Nin
The Lock (1961)

Hound Murderer Case (1961)
Detective A
999 the Mysterious Body (1962)

The Strange Hero 'Flying Swallow' (1963)

An Ill-fated Beauty (1963)
<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Love in Disguise (1965)

Blundering Detective (1965)
Police Man on phone
Between Justice and Love (1966)

  I Want You (1966)
I Want You (1966)

A Blundering Detective and a Foolish Thief (1968)

Happy Times (1970)

Karate from Shaolin Temple (1976)

Negotiation (1977)

The Invincible Killer (1978)