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Cheng Kwun-Min  ♂

Silly Wong Growing Rich (1960)

Woman's Affairs (1961)

The Prodigious Child and Her Loyal Dog (1961)

Larceny (1961)
Cheng Kwun-Min <br>Confusing Honeymoon, A (1962)
A Confusing Honeymoon (1962)
Cheng Kwun-Min<br>To Capture the God of Wealth (1962)
To Capture the God of Wealth (1962)

The Haunting Shadow (1962)
Cheng Kwun-Min <br>Good Fortune of a Fool (1963)
Good Fortune of a Fool (1963)
Cheng Kwun-Min <br>One Queen and Three Kings (1963)
One Queen and Three Kings (1963)

The Young Boss of the Factory (1963)

Women's World (1963)

Dreams Come True (1964)

Unrewarding Love (1964)

The Five Rats' Adventures in the Eastern Capital (1964)

A Loving Couple (1964)
Cheng Kwun Min<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Love in Disguise (1965)

Blundering But Lucky (1965)

You'd Better Be Smart (1965)

Movie-fan Princess (1966)
Cheung Kwun Min<br>Marriage a Big Affair (1966)
Marriage a Big Affair (1966)
Cheng Kwun-Min<br>Smiling Fire, The Lady Thief (1966)
Smiling Fire, the Lady Thief (1966)

Strange Romance on a Bus (1966)

Ah Chun Wants to Get Marry (1966)

Madam Mystery (1966)

The Sweetest Moment (1967)
Cheng Kwun Min<br>Hell's Gate (1967)
Lady in Black Cracks the Gate of Hell (1967)

Shaky Steps (1967)
Cheng Kwun-Min<br>
  Three Women in a Factory (1967)
Three Women in a Factory (1967)

The Charming Little Bird (1967)
Cheng Kwun Min<br>Blossoming Rose, The (1968)
The Blossoming Rose (1968)
Cheng Kwun Min<br>A Romantic Thief (1968)
A Romantic Thief (1968)

The Admirers of the Girl in the Mini-skirt (1968)

Lady Songbird (1968)

The Strange Couple who Steal (1969)

A Time for Love (1970)

A Time for Love (1970)

Lucky Seven (1970)

Happy Times (1970)

Lucky Seven Strike Again (1970)
Cheng Kwun Min<br>Intrigue in Nylons (1972)
Intrigue in Nylons (1972)

Naughty! Naughty! (1974)

Gossip Street (1974)

Everyday Is Sunday (1974)

Supremo (1974)

The Country Bumpkin (1974)

Cheeky Little Angels (1974)

Fun, Hong Kong Style (1974)

All in the Family (1975)

Temperament of Life (1975)

Emperor Chien Lung (1976)

The Crazy World (1978)

Sexy Career Girls (1981)
Cheng Kwun-Min
Who's the Crook (1986)

Happy Ghost III (1986)

Project A II (1987)

Killer's Nocturne (1987)

You're My Destiny (1987)

Three Against the World (1988)

Mistaken Identity (1988)
Uncle Min
Rose (1992)

Justice, My Foot! (1992)

Justice, My Foot! (1992)

Oh! Yes Sir!!! (1994)