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陳波兒  ♀
Chen Bo-Erh
Chan Bo-Yee,  Chen Bo-Er,  Chan Boh-Er,  Xia You-Hong,  Ha Yau-Hung
Born: July 15th, 1907 (Guangdong, China) - Died: November 10th, 1951

Filmography (1934-1952)
  Actor (5 films)
    Lines for Youth People (1934)    
    Plunder of Peach and Plum (1934) ... Li Lin
    Remembering the Past (1935)    
    Revolutionaries (1936)    
    The Eight Hundred Heroes (1938)    
  Writer (1 film)
    Yi Guan Hai Ren Dao (1952)    
  In 1946, Chen Boer went to Hegang in Heilongjiang to start the creation of the Northeast Film Studio and served as the party branch secretary and art director of the studio.