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Tung Yen-Liang
Aliases:  Dung Yen-Lyoung,  Dong Yan-Liang,  Tung Yim-Leung,  Yim Leung
Filmography (1967-1990)
  Story (1 film)
    Sun of Eject (1990)    
  Writer (13 films)
    The Swallow's Return (1967)    
    He Heals and Kills (1971)    
    Rotary Kicks (1973)    
    The Lone Hero (1973)    
    Mysterious Snake Women (1974)    
    Exorcising Sword (1974)    
    The Romance in the Ghost House (1975)    
    Warlock of the Battlefield (1977)    
    Shaolin Monk (1977)    
    A Misty Love (1977)    
    Ai Qing Zou Lang (1977)    
    Two Great Cavaliers (1978)    
    The Daredevil (1981)