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Lin Chi-Jui
Lam Kai-Shui
Filmography (1963-1976)
  Props (14 films)
    Liang Hongyu, the Patriotic Drummer-girl (1963)    
    The World Is a Big Family (1963)    
    Our Neighbors (1963)    
    Oyster Girl (1964)    
    Orchids and My Love (1966)    
    Tiao Chan (1967)    
    Jiang Zi-ya Goes Down the Mountain (1968)    
    The Petite Wife (1970)    
    Four Moods (1970)    
    The Eight Immortals (1971)    
    Love Can Forgive and Forget (1971)    
    Eight Hundred Heroes (1975)    
    Heroes Behind the Enemy Lines (1975)    
    The Sang Sisters (1976)