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Luo Jung-Pen
Lok Wing-Boon,  Lok Wing-Bon,  Luo Rong-Ben
Filmography (1966-1973)
  Cinematographer (13 films)
    Challenge Underworld Island (1966)    
    True and False 007 (1966)    
    Lover No Return (1967)    
    Duel at Black Dunes (1969)    
    Golden Sand (1969)    
    The Magic Sword (1969)    
    A Sword for a Killer (1970)    
    Don't Leave Me Alone (1970)    
    Secret Agent Chung King No.1 (1970)    
    Bow Kung's Jurisdiction in the Hades (1970)    
    The Great Duel (1971)    
    Five Plus Five (1971)    
    The Killer Must Pay (1973)