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Yang Tien (1)
Aliases:  Young Tim,  Young Tin,  Yeung Tin
Filmography (1967-1976)
  Producer (4 films)
    The Dragon (1967)    
    Spring Comes Late (1967)    
    Young Maid, Ching-Ching (1970)    
    The Patriotic Heroine (1971)    
  Presenter (8 films)
    The Whirl-Wind Knight (1969)    
    Sword in the Wilderness (1969)    
    Young Maid, Ching-Ching (1970)    
    Unparallelled Judo Knife (1970)    
    The Hero (1972)    
    The Return of the Hero of the Water Front (1973)    
    Seven Indignant (1973)    
    The Wrongly Killed Girl (1976)