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Huang Chiang-Li
Aliases:  Wong Kong-Lei
Filmography (1979-1989)
  Cinematographer (11 films)
    Desperate Love Bitter End (1979)    
    Beggars Have No Equal (1980)    
    Part Time Job (1980)    
    Love Me, Love Me Not (1981)    
    Black and White (1983)    
    Lao Hu Lai Liao (1986)    
    To Xin Di Nu Ren (1988)    
    Xi Yi Feng Bo (1988)    
    Yan Se Shu Nu (1988)    
    Women Appartment Building (1988)    
    Degenarated Society (1988)    
  Lighting (1 film)
    Revenge in Fury (1989)