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黃文平  ♂
Hwang Mun-Pyeong
Huang Wen-Ping,  Wong Man-Ping,  Hwang Hae-Chang,  황문평
Born: October 23rd, 1920 (South Korea) - Died: 2004

Filmography (1959-1981)
  Music (8 films)
    Red Turn the Flowers When Down Come the Showers (1959)    
    Since Your Departure (1965)    
    Mounted Bandits (1967)    
    Armless Swordsman (1969)    
    The Magic Palm (1971)    
    The Undefeatable Sword and Martial Arts (1980)    
    Hitman in the Hand of Buddha (1981)    
    Revenge of Drunken Master (1981)