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Li Xiao-Geng
Aliases:  Lee Hiu-Kang
Filmography (1992-2006)
  Producer (9 films)
    The Dream Factory (1997)    
    Be There or Be Square (1998)    
    So Close to Paradise (1998)    
    Postmen in the Mountains (1999)    
    To Be with You Forever (2000)    
    Pavilion of Women (2000)    
    A Love of Blueness (2000)    
    A Sigh (2000)    
    Dingjun Mountain (2006)    
  Production Manager (2 films)
    Now You See Me Now You Don't (1994)    
    Xiu Xiu (1995)    
  Actor (2 films)
    Mary From Beijing (1992)    
    Big Shot's Funeral (2001)