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胡燕妮  ♀
Jenny Hu Yan-Ni
Wu Yin-Nei,  Woo Yin-Lei,  Jenny Woo,  Jenny Wu,  Jimmy Wo,  Hu Yen-Ni
Born: January 1st, 1946

Filmography (1966-2004)
  Actor (47 films)
    Till the End of Time (1966) ... Chen Hsueh-Ling
    The Joy of Spring (1966) ... Herself [Cameo]
    Four Sisters (1967) ... Luo Lan Hsin
    Madame Slender Plum (1967) ... Lilian Wang
    Black Falcon (1967) ... Julie Tan
    Summer Heat (1968) ... Judy
    River of Tears (1969) ... Fang Biyu
    Farewell, My Love (1969) ... Luo Chu Chu
    Torrent of Desire (1969) ... Zhu Dan-Feng
    Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers? (1970) ... Jenny Hu
    Love Without End (1970) ... He Ching Ching
    Young Lovers (1970) ... Wang Yu-Feng
    Secret of My Millionaire Sister (1971) ... Chang Pei Lan
    Maria (1971) ... Maria
    My Beloved (1971) ... Di San
    The Wedding Song (1971) ... Lam Mei Yei
    The Devils (1971)    
    Cheating in Panorama (1972)    
    Huo Tang De Ai Ren (1972)    
    The Stealing Love (1972)    
    Jenny and Her Step-Mother (1972) ... Jenny
    Love Is Smoke (1972) ... Ma San
    The Notorious Ones (1972)    
    The Peeper, the Model and the Hypnotist (1972) ... 3)
    Impetuous Fire (1972) ... Kuo Yee-Qing
    Love Affairs (1972)    
    The Singer Story (1972)    
    Madness of Love (1972) ... Mok Pei-Li
    To Climb High (1972)    
    Back Street (1973)    
    Love Is a Four Letter Word (1973)    
    Death Comes in Three (1973) ... Rosy
    My Love, My Sin (1973)    
    Rhythm of the Wave (1974)    
    The Silver Band (1974)    
    I & O (1974)    
    Young Passion (1974)    
    The Paradise (1974)    
    Wild as the Waves (1974)    
    Bar Girl (1975)    
    Love of Strange Talk (1976)    
    The Eternal Obsession (1976) ... Patty Kong
    How Big! How Big! (1979)    
    Daughter and Father (1981) ... Annie Lo
    Killer Rose (1982)    
    Pledge in Quick Sand (1984)    
    Yesterday Once More (2004) ... Mrs Allen
  Actress Jenny Hu was born in 1946 in Guangzhou, China, moved to Taiwan to live until she was 14. In 1960 her mother took her to Germany where she attended high school. After high school she moved to Hong Kong and -at the urging of one of her friends- was introduced to famous director Chin Chien who immediately invited Jenny to start in his Shaw Brothers film ''Till the End of Time''. The film was an overnight success and so was Jenny as she next appeared in a string of successful dramas such as ''Madam Slender Plum'' and ''Four Sisters''. In 1983 she moved to Los Angeles where she still lives a simple life helping her husband with his business and recently has reveived her make-up license.

From the Celestial DVD release of ''River of Tears''.

Mother of Hong Kong actor Terence Yin.

Husband is Hong Wai.