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Wang Ru-Yu
Aliases:  Wong Yu Yuk
Filmography (1933-1959)
  Actor (21 films)
    Greedy Neighbours (1933)    
    Tang Bohu's Seduction of Qiuxiang (1950)    
    The Phoenix 's Flirtation with Twin Dragons (1951)    
    Xuemei Teaches Her Son (1955)    
    Chen Shimei Denies His Wife (1955)    
    Meng Lijun (1955)    
    Meng Jiangnu's Wail Shattered the Great Wall (1955) ... Mother Lin
    The Burning of Hundred Flowers Pavilion (1956)    
    Judge Bao's Night Trial of Guo Huai (1956)    
    The Death of Daiyu (1956)    
    Thirteenth Sister (1956)    
    Dream of Red Chamber (1956)    
    Tiger Wang Snatches the Bride (1956)    
    Strange Tales of an Empty Chest (1957)    
    Love Mismatched (1957)    
    The Eight Immortals in Jiangnan (1957)    
    Irreconcilable Foes Turn In-Laws (1958)    
    A Woman Searches For Her Husband (1958)    
    A Good Couple (1959)    
    The Story of Red Lotus Temple (Chapter 4) (1959)    
    The Story of Red Lotus Temple (Chapter 3) (1959)