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Fong Lung-Seung
Aliases:  Fang Loong-Hsiang,  Fang Long-Shiang,  Fang Long-Hsiang,  Fang Long-Siang,  Fang Lung-Hsiang,  Lung Seung
Born: 1928 - Died: 2008
Filmography (1954-1982)
  Story (4 films)
    Jade-Green Lake (1958)    
    Duel in Moonlight Bay (1966)    
    Summons to Death (1967)    
    Song of Tomorrow (1967)    
  Director (4 films)
    Oh Boys! Oh Girls! (1961)    
    The Awaken Punch (1973)    
    The Playboy (1975)    
    Here Comes the Wolf (1982)    
  Writer (10 films)
    Shadows of Love (1954)    
    The Golden Phoenix (1958)    
    Jade-Green Lake (1958)    
    Wu Ye Gui Hun (1958)    
    Song from a Haunted House (1959)    
    Oh Boys! Oh Girls! (1961)    
    The Angel Strikes Again (1968)    
    The Unknown Swordsman (1970)    
    Night Is Not Made for Stealing (1970)    
    The Awaken Punch (1973)    
  Fang Long-hsiang was born in 1928 in Shanghai, and came to Hong Kong in the early 1950s.