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Wang Ping (1)  ♀
Aliases:  Wong Ping (1),  Wang Pin,  Sun Wang-Ping
Born: October 1st, 1950

Filmography (1964-1997)
  Actor (47 films)
    The Story of Sue San (1964) ... Cui Hong
    Storm Over the Yang-Tse River (1969)    
    The Chinese Boxer (1970) ... Li Siao Ling
    The Singing Killer (1970) ... Shiu Hsien (Lily)
    Vengeance! (1970) ... Hua Zheng Fang
    The 5 Billion Dollar Legacy (1970) ... Peng Jing Xian
    The Duel (1971) ... Hu Di
    The Oath of Death (1971) ... Tartar Princess Shabeilan [cameo]
    The Drinking Knight (1971)    
    Duel for Gold (1971) ... Yu Ying
    The Golden Seal (1971) ... Wu Dapeng/Xiaoyan
    King Boxer (1972) ... Sung Ying Ying
    The Black Enforcer (1972) ... Yen
    Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972) ... 2) Courtesan
    The Killer (1972) ... Yu Chiao/Xiao Mei
    The 14 Amazons (1972) ... Yang Chiu Chu
    Hurricane (1973)    
    The Family (1973)    
    Swimming Pool Episode (1973) ... Yang Su-Hsin
    Wild Tiger (1973)    
    The Beauty Heroine (1973)    
    Gambling For Gold (1973)    
    The Sister of the San-Tung Boxer (1973) ... Ma Yung Chen's sister
    Well of Doom (1974) ... San Niu
    The Three Tales (1974)    
    The Playboy (1974)    
    Dragon Den (1974)    
    Sorrow of the Gentry (1974) ... Yong Lan
    Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix (1974) ... Mei Lei
    Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain (1975) ... Lu Ping
    Temperament of Life (1975) ... Manager's secretary
    I Remember (1975)    
    How Could I Stop Loving You (1975)    
    A Cookbook of Birth Control (1975)    
    Frigidity (1975)    
    The Big Boss Part 2 (1976)    
    Love Swindler (1976) ... 3) Swindler
    Killer from Above (1977) ... Madam Ju I, Poison Queen
    The North and South Chivalry (1977)    
    The Lost Swordship (1977)    
    Magnificent Bodyguards (1978) ... Lady Nan
    Kung Fu Attraction (1978)    
    The Souls of the Sword (1978)    
    The Silver Spear (1979) ... Chalice
    Black Eagle's Blades (1981)    
    Tiger Killer (1982) ... Pan Jinlian
    The Island of Greed (1997) ... Commissioner Tung's wife
  Born October 1950, Wang Ping was an attractive, rising star in the seventies. She joined Shaw Brothers in 1969 and made her first appearance in "The 5 Billion Dollar Legacy" directed by Inoue Umetsugu. However it was her role with David Chiang and Ti Lung on director Chang Cheh's "The Singing Killer" that gave Wang instant fame, and established her position among other Shaw Brothers' starlets. She usually played the role of a delicate, shy young girl in movie such as "Vengeance" and "The Chinese Boxer", and changed her image successfully to a martial arts heroine in "The Golden Seal" and "Duel For Gold". Wang Ping continued her movie career in Taiwan after her contract expired with Shaw Brothers. She returned to Shaw Brothers in 1982 to play the role of the adulteress Pan Chin-Lien in "Tiger Killer". Her seductive and sensual image stirred up favourable reviews from critics and audience alike, and it also won her Best Actress in the 19th Golden Horse Awards in 1982. Wang has since retired from the limelight.

From the Celestial DVD release of "The Golden Seal".