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Shi An  ♂

Filmography (1951-1962)
  Assistant Director (1 film)
    A Filial Daughter Avenges for Her Father (1957)    
  Director (1 film)
    The Orphan Saves (1958)    
  Actor (37 films)
    The Phoenix Returns to the Nest (1951)    
    Goddess of Mercy (1954)    
    The Romance of Lychee and Mirror (Part 1) (1954)    
    The Romance of Lychee and Mirror (Part 3) (1954)    
    Lovers Who Have Survived a Turmoil (1955)    
    Chen Shimei Denies His Wife (1955)    
    Love's Obligation (1955)    
    Lotus Nunnery (1955)    
    Meng Jiangnu's Wail Shattered the Great Wall (1955) ... Meng De-Long
    Xue Mei Teaches Her Son (1955)    
    Meng Lijun (1955)    
    The Cowboy and the Spinning Girl (1955)    
    An'an Searches for His Mother (1956)    
    The Phoenix Returns Home (1956)    
    Lianli Gives Birth to Han Qi (1956)    
    Madam Zhan Dian Sues (1956)    
    Fourth Madam Lu Thrashes the Flying Guillotine (1956)    
    Romance of Western Chamber (Remake) (1956)    
    A Couple of Seven Lives (1957)    
    Invisible Female Knight (1957)    
    Third Madam Teaches Her Son (1957)    
    Orchid of the Valley (1957)    
    A Filial Daughter Avenges for Her Father (1957)    
    Songs of the Peach Blossom River, the Sequel (1957)    
    The Orphan Saves (1958)    
    Hot Lady (1958)    
    Peng Men Bi Yu (1958) ... Grand-Aunt Hu
    Dashun, the Farmer (1958)    
    Pregnant and Unmarried (1959)    
    A Perfect Match (1959)    
    The Story of Red Lotus Temple (Chapter 3) (1959)    
    Miss Cui-Cui (1959) ... Father Wong
    Xiao Hua Mao (1959)    
    The Illegitimate Husband (1959)    
    Money in My Heart (1960)    
    Love Is Fate (1960)    
    No Thing But Money (1962)