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顧梅君  ♀
Gu Mei-Jun
Ku Mei-Chun,  Ku Mui-Kwan
Born: 1915 - Died: October 24th, 1989

Filmography (1933-1953)
  Actor (20 films)
    Spring Silkworms (1933)    
    Salty Tide (1933)    
    Cry of Women (1933)    
    Shanghai Over 24 Hours (1933)    
    The Book of Morality (1933)    
    A Bible for Girls (1934)    
    Lonely Orchid (1934)    
    The Heart of Girl (1934)    
    Season for Fallen Flower (1935)    
    The Diamond Case (1936)    
    New and Old on the Beach (1936)    
    In Full Vigour (1937)    
    Lan Gui Fei Shi (1937)    
    The Shirt with Pearls (1938)    
    Visiting Shanghai After Sixty Years (1938)    
    Kill at the Broadcasting Station (1939)    
    Charles Chan Breaks the Conceal Down (1941)    
    Xi Xue Mo Wang (1944)    
    Big Bloody Case in the Forest (1949)    
    The Magic World of Filmdom (1953)    
  Sister: Violet Koo/Gu Lan-Jun.

Husband: Chu Hsin-Fu.