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侯朝聲  ♂
Hau Chiu-Sing
Hau Sau-Seng,  Hou Chao-Sheng,  Hau Chu-Sing,  Hau Tsau-Seng

Filmography (1979-1983)
  Action Director (2 films)
    Monkey Kung Fu (1979)    
    Crystal Fist (1979)    
  Actor (7 films)
    Sun Dragon (1979) ... Hau
    Crystal Fist (1979) ... Ah Wen's father
    Snake in the Monkey's Shadow (1979) ... Teacher Ho
    Five Superfighters (1979) ... Master Wan Tian Hang
    Monkey Kung Fu (1979) ... Zhou (Gibbon pupil)
    Super Power (1980) ... Kang Si Man
    Shaolin Drunk Fighter (1983) ... Tiger Kuo
  Has been a Chinese mainland national soccer team star before acting in the late 60s before he immigrated to Hong Kong in 1972