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Chang Li-Na  ♀
Aliases:  Cheung Lai-Na,  Zhang Li-Na
Filmography (1957-1963)
  Actor (14 films)
    Murder at Room 7, Keelung City (1957)    
    Mei Ting En Chou Chi (1957)    
    Moon Night Sorrow (1958)    
    Northwest Rain (1958)    
    Chicken Sui Feng Flies (1958)    
    True Daughter (1959)    
    Heartless Night Express (1959)    
    Luo Xiao-Hu and Yu Jia-Long (1959)    
    Tiger Woman (1960)    
    Lonely Daugther Avenge Mother's Hatred (1960)    
    Brother Liu and Brother Wang Have a Good New Year (1961)    
    Without You I Will Die (1961)    
    Gan Guo-Bao Defeats Baai Shui Village (1961)    
    Circulation (1963)