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葉倩文  ♀
Sally Yeh Chian-Wen
Sally Yip Sin-Man
Born: September 30th, 1961 (Taiwan)

Filmography (1980-2003)
  Actor (26 films)
    A Piece of Match (1980)    
    Pink Force Commando (1982) ... Dynamite Susie
    Crimson Street (1982) ... Sally
    Golden Queen's Commandos (1982) ... Dynamite
    Marianna (1982)    
    A Flower in the Storm (1982)    
    Just for Fun (1983) ... Sally
    Teppanyaki (1984) ... Sisi
    A Certain Romance (1984) ... Teacher
    Shanghai Blues (1984) ... Stool
    The Occupant (1984) ... Angie
    The Protector (1985) ... May Fung Ho
    Seven Foxes (1985)    
    Welcome (1985) ... San
    Funny Face (1985)    
    Cupid One (1985) ... May Yeung Yee Ching
    Mob Busters (1985)    
    Peking Opera Blues (1986) ... Pat Nell (Bai Niu)
    Aces Go Places IV (1986) ... Sally
    The Laser Man (1988)    
    The Diary of a Big Man (1988) ... Sally
    I Love Maria (1988) ... Maria / Pioneer 2 [2 roles]
    The Killer (1989) ... Jennie
    The Banquet (1991) ... Sally Yip
    Sisters of the World Unite (1991) ... Sally
    Love Under the Sun (2003)    
  Singer (6 films)
    Shanghai Blues (1984)    
    Women (1985)    
    Peking Opera Blues (1986)    
    A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)    
    A Terra-Cotta Warrior (1989)    
    The Killer (1989)    
  Yeh is also a very popular singer--probably the grand matron on HK pop music. Has a long term association/friendship with singer/actor George Lam.

She was born and lived in Taiwan until she was four years old. After graduating from high school in Canada (where her father was a physics teacher) Yeh moved to Hong Kong where she recorded her first music album, and a few months later she made her HK debut in "Marianna" in 1982. She won the Hong Kong Film Award with James Wong (Best Original Film Song) for "A Chinese Ghost Story" in 1987, and was nominated three times. Was also nominated as Best Actress in 1986 for "Peking Opera Blues". In 1997 she married her mentor George Lam.