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Tiffany Lau Yuk-Ting  ♀
Aliases:  Tiffany Liu,  Liu Yu-Ting
Born: March 25th, 1968

Filmography (1988-1992)
  Actor (17 films)
    Who Is the Craftiest (1988) ... Siu Wan / Winnie
    Profiles of Pleasure (1988)    
    The Inspector Wears Skirts II (1989) ... Banshee squad member
    Vampire Vs Vampire (1989) ... Palm ghost/ Singer ghost
    Mr. Smart (1989)    
    Till Death Shall We Start (1990) ... Lien
    Stage Door Johnny (1990) ... Chu Hai
    Here Comes a Vampire (1990) ... May
    Demoness from Thousand Years (1990) ... Yin
    A Chinese Ghost Story III (1991) ... Orchid/Jade
    Red Shield (1991) ... Anna
    Hong Kong Criminal Archives - Woman From the North (1991)    
    Hong Kong Criminal Archives - Eight Drug Dealers (1991)    
    It's a Mad Mad Mad World Too! (1992) ... Keung Li
    Operation Scorpio (1992) ... Lan
    Hong Kong Criminal Archives - Dream of Stars (1992)    
    Something Incredible - Dream of Death (1992)    
  Born in Guangzhou, China, she was immigrant to Hong Kong. She recently went to Taiwan for career development. According to Taiwan newspapers, she was very active in Taiwan and became leading role in many Taiwan TV drama.