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Kwok Sau-Zhen  ♀
Aliases:  Kwok Sau-Zhen,  Kwok Sau-Jan,  Guo Xiu-Zhen,  Guo Xiuzhen
Filmography (1938-1955)
  Actor (25 films)
    Seven Fresh Roses (Part 2) (1938)    
    I Married the Wrong Guy (1939)    
    Flames of Lust (1946)    
    A Devil Woman's Uproar in Hell (1949) ... Mary
    Charlie's Escape from the Tianxian Trap (1949) ... Cameo
    Thirteen Heroes with Seven Swords (Part 3) (1949)    
    Thirteen Heroes with Seven Swords (Part 5) (1950)    
    Thirteen Heroes with Seven Swords (Part 6) (1950)    
    How the Monk Chai Kung Thrice Insulted Wah Wan-Lung (1950)    
    Where Shall We Meet Again? (1950) ... Chu Suet-Yim
    The Burning of Red Lotus Monastery (1950) ... Yuk-Lin
    Fong Sai-Yuk in a Bloody Battle in Ying Yang Cave (1950) ... White Lotus
    World of Villains (1950) ... Mei-Kam
    A Hero of Troubled Times (1950) ... Mui Ling
    How Fong Sai-Yuk Shattered the White Lotus Gang (1950)    
    Monkey's Adventures in the Girls' Kingdom (1950)    
    Mistaken Responses (1951)    
    A Handsome Hero and His Double (1951)    
    Fang Shiyu's Invasion of Juling Peak (1951)    
    A Lovely Dream of Paradise (1951)    
    The Beautiful Bandit (1952)    
    Music from Heaven (1953)    
    The Magic Lantern (1953)    
    My Love Is Like a Lotus-Flower (1954)    
    How Four Heroes from Guangdong Stormed the Pagoda of Pomegranate Flowers (1955)