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楊恭如  ♀
Kristy Yeung Kung-Yu
Kristy Yang,  Kristy Yan,  Christie Yeung
Born: January 7th, 1973

Filmography (1996-2016)
  Actor (47 films)
    Comrades, Almost a Love Story (1996) ... Fong Siu Ting
    A Queer Story (1997) ... Gigi
    Love Cruise (1997) ... Jelly
    The Storm Riders (1998) ... Charity/Kong Ci
    The Lucky Guy (1998) ... Fanny
    Portland Street Blues (1998) ... Yun
    Young and Dangerous: The Prequel (1998) ... Yung [cameo]
    The Rules of the Game (1999) ... Ann
    A Man Called Hero (1999) ... Jade
    My Loving Trouble 7 (1999) ... Dora Yeung
    Healing Hearts (2000) ... Helen
    For Bad Boys Only (2000) ... Queen Chan
    I.Q. Dudettes (2000) ... Miss Lam
    The Duel (2000) ... Ye Ziqing
    Sexy and Dangerous II (2000) ... Pepper
    Those Were the Days (2000) ... Cheung May Yun
    The Avenging Fist (2001) ... Belle
    City of Desire (2001) ... Kindergarten teacher
    Everyday Is Valentine (2001) ... Mona
    Fall for You (2001) ... Yi
    Women from Mars (2002) ... Kristy
    City of SARS (2003) ... Viola Lam
    I Want to Get Married (2003) ... May Chan / Linda
    Fate Fighter (2003) ... Fa
    Hardrock Affairs (2004) ... Lin Feng
    The Love Winner (2004) ... Susan Chan
    A Marvellous Detective (2004)    
    PTU File - Death Trap (2005) ... Young Fong Fong
    Banquet at Hongmen (2005)    
    No Retreat (2005)    
    Die Ying Sha Ji (2005)    
    The Dream of My Family (2006)    
    Magic & Me (2006) ... Herself
    Around the World (2006)    
    Ba Wang (2006)    
    Ming Ming (2007) ... Zhang Yu
    Love to Be Found in Newhere (2007)    
    Bruce Lee, My Brother (2010) ... Mei Yee
    Under the Influence (2011)    
    Where Are You From? (2011)    
    Flash Play (2013)    
    Kidnapping of a Big Star (2013)    
    Mortician (2013)    
    Sweet Summer Love (2013)    
    Be Together (2015)    
    League of Gods (2016)    
    Roommates in Love (2016)    
  Other sources say she was born in Shanghai.

Brought up in Toronto, after she was winner of the Miss Asia contest, she signed a contract with ATV, participating in more than 10 TV series, debuting with "Return of the Gambling King" ("Return of the Tricky Master") and followed by TV hits as "Once a Thief" and "The Snowflake Sword". She debuted in movies in 1996 with "Comrades, Almost a Love Story", and was nominated as Best New Performer in the Hong Kong Film Awards for this movie.


Christie Yeung-Kon-Yu was born in Shanghai on 7th January, 1972. Her nationality is Canadian. She completed her college education in Toronto, Canada. She received the titles of Miss Asia and the Miss Photogenic in the Miss Asia Competition. After she got the titles, ATV invited her to play in more than ten major TV series. Her first TV series was "Return of the Swindler King" and her recent TV series include "I Come From Chie Chau" etc. At the same time, she appeared in a few TV commercials and some TV variety shows. Her first film was "Comrades, Almost a Love Story" (1996) directed by Peter Chan. Her performance got the nomination of the Best New Performer of the Hong Kong Film Awards. She then played a role in "A Queer Story" directed by Shu-Kei and also played the role of the frmale band Sweetics member in "Love Cruise" (1997).
In 1998, she appeared in "Portland Street Blues" and "Young and Dangerous V." She also played the role of Hung Bar's only daughter who fell in love with Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok in "The Stormriders."

- Biography from Storm Riders DVD