High Risk (1995)
Reviewed by: Arshadnm6 on 2005-04-08
Summary: Worth Watching, but No Keeper!!!
Jet Li (Kit) is an ex-soldier whose wife dies in a terrorist attack on a school bus. Fast forward to the future and he has become a wasted stunt double/bodyguard for stuntman/actor Jacky Cheung (Frankie). This sets up a showdown between Kit and the same group in a die-hard style manner at Frankie’s party along with a group of misfits in this light comedy/action.

Jet Li seems a very serious and dedicated actor in this movie (as almost everyone else except the terrorists are comical in one way or another throughout the movie). Furthermore, a fair amount of fast and hard gun-totting and martial arts is involved in this movie which makes the action scenes stand out along with some incredibly over-the-top acrobats from Jet Li. Surprisingly, Jet Li is also not involved in the final showdown where Jacky Cheung has to conquer his fears and following years of neglecting his fighting skills takes things into his own hands in Bruce Lee’s ‘Game of Death’ style costume. The overuse of Chingmy Yau Suk-Ching shows up with crystal clarity in another one of Wong Jing’s X-rated/action movie (as he always tries to capitalize on both markets). The movie-budget for this film is also quite high and appears authentic enough in most places.

The plot is well developed with Wong Jing again serving up wildly exaggerated comedy with some intimate scenes. Some of Corey Yuen Kwai’s action direction is amazing compared to earlier predecessors such as ‘New Legend of Shaolin’, which failed him and Jacky Cheung offers Jet Li some stiff competition in completely opposite role in many ways throughout the movie. Moreover, none of the terrorists really develop any character or feelings, which could be explained since the film was based around the main heroes.

Overall, Jet Li uses guns to an absolute limit, when totally necessary (compared to his ridiculous performances in ‘Bodyguard from Beijing’ since he is obviously no Chow Yun Fat) and balances this to very good effect with martial arts whilst leaving other actors to concentrate on filling the laughable emotional gaps and showing the audience how to really use firearms. This movie is no tear-jerker, capitalizes on all of the actors strengths, has a few flaws and some well-worked plot twists for good all-round throw-away fun. I would suggest you only watch this movie if you are a die-hard fan of either Jet Li or Wong Jing.

Overall Rating: 7.0/10
Reviewer Score: 7