Beast Cops (1998)
Reviewed by: Arshadnm6 on 2005-04-08
Summary: Great movie with a Lot to Offer!!!
An excellent artistic action/drama movie, portraying the life of cops and triads, with the lead performance by two of HK legendary Stars Anthony Wong and Michael Wong. The movie beings with the brother-like relationship of Brother Tung (Anthony Wong) and Big Brother Fai (Roy Cheung), in a Gambling Joint, where Anthony Wong is a part Gambling Addicted / Good Cop whom is completely infatuated with HK nightlife. Both Roy Cheung and Anthony Wong have an understanding where Roy Cheung is allowed to run the gambling joint / Night club, provided he keeps all the triads in order. Later in the movie, Roy Cheung hires a small-time assassin to kill one of the other Big Brothers of another Triad Society. The Assassin succeeds, but during the escape misses his queue to escape and jumps out of a two storey high building, ironically only to be accidentally run over by Roy Cheung, the Triad Boss whom hired him. The assassin dies and with his last dying breath, tells Anthony Wong that Roy Cheung was the person whom had paid him to carry out the assassination. Anthony Wong also witnesses the car accident, but Roy Cheung panicking flees town for a while, until things calm down.

Finally Michael Wong comes in, soon after the departure of Roy Cheung, and tries to shape up Cops Anthony Wong and Sam Lee, in order to decrease the already high crime rate. Here we see a form of Love Triangle build up, where Michael Wong takes interest in Kathy Chow Hoi-Mei (who you might notice also came in Cheap Killers), along with Pushy Pin (Patrick Tam), smaller adopted brother of Roy Cheung whom is left in control after his departure, trying to make out of him by taking over all the Triad Gang and becoming the Big Brother. There are also several other love developments between Anthony Wong and a Hooker, which seems to only using Anthony Wong as a cushion for her problems. Sam Lee comes in this movie a few times (sometimes it looks like he’s acting more like the untamed, quirky Gen-X-Cop rather than an average young city cop) but not enough to actually develop a proper character. Also Roy Cheung is once again under used, where in total he only gets about 15 minutes of screen time. The movie is wholly centred around Michael Wong and Anthony Wong, which isn’t too bad since both actors are developing into Super Stars, although sometimes the movie unnecessarily focuses on the night life, rather than actually portraying any sort of history for character development.

Overall, this is an excellent movie and certainly shows, if given the opportunity Anthony Wong and Roy Cheung can really do well for themselves. Michael Wong does sometimes get annoying with his mixed Cantonese / English Dialect (which if you notice occurs in almost all the movies he seems to act in) although you do feel like getting of your couch and writing a letter of complaint to Michael Wong telling him this is a HK Movie, not a US Movie. If you’re looking for in depth plot, some action, and stunning performances, this is definitely the movie for you!!

Overall Rating: 8.9/10
Reviewer Score: 9