The Untold Story (1993)
Reviewed by: Arshadnm6 on 2005-04-08
Summary: Hard Core Gore with little Plot or Twists!!
A good entertaining movie, with perhaps some over-the-top acting from Anthony Wong and Danny Lee (whom you might recognise from his younger days, acting along side Chow Yun Fat, in the critically acclaimed ‘The Killer’). Anthony Wong gets most of the screen time in this movie, which is ironic, since he the supposedly the lunatic bad guy chopping up all those innocent people whom seem to get in the way of his path of success in the world of restaurant ownership. Anyway the movie starts of with Anthony Wong getting into an argument with the restaurant owner about being blamed for cheating in a Mah-jong Game, which escalates into Anthony Wong hitting the owner with a chair. The owner reaches for a butchers knife to defend him self and ends up getting stabbed with it himself, by you know who. To cover up the murder Anthony Wong decides to savagely kill his entire family (who at the time of the killing, were all sitting quietly upstairs with little regard of what was happening downstairs), by the only way he knows how. He literally chops all their limbs off, including the heads and uses the meat to bake some type of Meat Pies. The Meat Pies, which you can probably guess, are served to all the customers at the restaurant, as well as the Police Officers sent in to investigate the strange disappearance of the previous owner of the shop and his family.

For Anthony Wong this is a very dark movie, where he does an excellent job of portraying a Serial Killer / Lunatic Madman, with little regard to how many people he kills. The movie develops at a gradual pace, without giving the viewer too much of the plot straight away. For instance Danny Lee is the inspector in-charge of investigating the family disappearance, along side his team of misfits (among them Emily Kwan), but in the beginning appears to be a lousy cop whom rather hang around with a hooker all-day than actually bother to solve any real cases. Latter in the movie Danny Lee becomes a sort of rigid, hard-boiled cop, hell-bent on arresting Anthony Wong and proving that he was the person responsible for the disappearance of all those innocent people.

This movie is not for the weak-hearted as the movie has a lot of gory scenes, with a hint of nudity (but nothing too revealing), and sometimes you do feel the need to fast forward the blood infested scenes, with human limbs being sliced and diced. This movie doesn’t really hold anything back and I would recommend this movie to any one whom is accustomed to Category 3 Movies, such as ‘Dr. Lamb’ or even ‘Human Pork Chop’. Overall good movie, but clearly a B-Class film, with little to offer in regards to a plot or any form of brain tingling sensation for that matter.

Overall Rating: 6.9/10