Astonishing (2004)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2005-04-09
Summary: admirable effort
I enjoyed this one trenmendously. There exists a review on Geocities that I think nails the point of the film. To paraphrase that review, this movie seems to raise more questions than explain solutions. It raises several disturbing (at least thought-provoking) concepts: the notion of an identity not belonging to the self but to the people around the self; and the possibility of some psychotic scientist who views human life as merely object for experiment and will not think twice about ruining one's life. In this respect the human life is no more valuable than that of lab rats. When a person as experimental subject has been pushed too far, she can no regain a normal life.

The "ending" was mighty confusing, but I like the notion of presenting several possible endings and let the viewer read what he will. It fits the model of a film that raises questions. In this respect, I consider Astonishing a real mystery film -- as opposed to so-called mystery films which are really solutions films for leaving zero question unexplained.