Cheap Killers (1998)
Reviewed by: Arshadnm6 on 2005-04-09
Summary: Cheap Killers.......Cheap Movie!!!!
A decent movie starring the legendary ‘Alex Fong’ along side ‘Sunny Chan’ (whom you might recognize from his young days in ‘Bride with white hair 2’). The movie starts of with Sam Cool (Alex Fong) partnering up with Yat-Tiu (Sunny Chan) as Hired Guns / Assassins, working for Big Triad Boss ‘Henry Fong Ping’ (whom you might recognize from ‘Dragon Fight’). The pair of killers both fall for a disturbed/seductive Ling (Kathy Chow, from the critically acclaimed ‘Beast Cops’). Yat-Tiu beds Ling, but latter finds out that she betrays him for his boss ‘Henry Fong Ping’. Yat-Tiu and Sam Cool both share a kind of brotherhood / Homosexual sort of relationship which never actually fully reveals itself through-out the movie, although most of the time you will be trying to guess whether Sam Cool is jealous of Ling or Yat-Tiu.

This is in sense a typical ‘Wong Jing’ movie where he concentrates too much on the rape / seductive point of the movie, and far too less action. There are some good action scenes, but too little to actually keep you hooked to the movie. At one point Yat-Tiu gets raped by 15 – 20 male individuals (which occurs about half-way into the movie) and thereafter becomes socially inactive / lunatic, which is a little too far-fetched for a ‘Wong Jing’ but definitely no surprise (if you have seen plenty of Wong Jing’s Movies). We also have the young Gen-X type cop (with plenty of righteousness) ‘Stephen Fung’ make a few appearances through out the movie (about 10-15 minutes of screen-time), which is a bonus but even he can’t save this movie from its miserable yet obvious end. If you’re looking for good Wong Jing Movie, I suggest either ‘God of Gamblers’ or the ‘Conman’ series, which have a lot more to offer.

Overall this is a good entertaining movie, but you will get bored very easily in places and I wouldn’t certainly want to watch this movie more than twice. If you’re a fan of Wong Jing or Alex Fong, you should still keep clear of this movie since it only makes you feel more depressed about whether HK Cinema is really going to survive in the future.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10
Reviewer Score: 5