The Untold Story 2 (1998)
Reviewed by: Arshadnm6 on 2005-04-09
Summary: Too little Gore and Too little Plot-Development!!!
A satisfactory movie with a few too many explicit scenes, which to some viewers might be unnecessary considering this is supposed to be a gory horror movie. The movie starts of with ‘Cheung Kam Ching’ (you might recognize him from movie appearances, such as ‘The Conman’or ‘Bio-Zombie), who runs a Roast Shop / Restaurant with his gambling, cheating and seductive wife ‘Yeung Fan’ (whom you might recognize made an appearance in ‘Raped by an Angel 2’). Due to Cheung’s impotency, he doesn’t seem to be able to sexually satisfy his wife and therefore his wife looks elsewhere. Later in the movie you are introduced to Cheung’s Wife’s Cousin ‘Fang’ (Pauline Suen, whom some fans might recognize from her later work in the acclaimed ‘Ichi the Killer’), an attractive mainland woman who seems to hide her violent past. Cheung falls for Fang and later inadvertently kills his seductive wife ‘Yeung’ and together they decide to cut her up from limb to limb and cook her. You can probably guess that they obviously intend to sell the meat in Cheung’s Roast Shop (as was the case in ‘Untold Story’).

Anthony Wong also appears in this movie, quite frequently, which to his hard-core fans might be very pleasing. Anthony Wong plays a veteran rugged cop which seems to spend more time solving useless cases, such as the illegal selling of poultry, more than actually solving any real ones. Unfortunately the movie has a lot of dark moments where at times the only person whom seems to be suspicious of Cheung’s Wife’s disappearance is Anthony Wong and very little gore is actually shown, unlike the other previous movie. At times you might actually be sympathizing with Cheung since every woman he meets seems to use him and treat him like he is an adolescent child.

Overall the movie can be barely watch-able at times, but seems to have a decent plot to keep the viewer hooked on for long enough. The end to this movie is a little short and not very satisfying and the presence of ‘Danny Lee’ is missed deeply. I would only recommend this movie if you simply want to watch the whole ‘Untold Story’ series just to complete one of your life ambitions, otherwise avoid this like the plague at all times and for the viewers only interested in the explicit scenes, I suggest you play them in slow-motion, since the longest scene only lasts about 90 seconds.

Overall Rating: 6.8/10