First Option (1996)
Reviewed by: Arshadnm6 on 2005-04-09
Summary: Good Action Movie and plenty of Thrills and Spills!!!
A good entertaining action thriller with better than average results. Michael Wong, effortlessly named ‘Mike Wong’, stars in this elaborate movie, with some twists and plenty of action, to keep the viewer impressed throughout the movie. Mike Wong is an SDU Captain with a lot of principles and damn good at his Job. He controls a large team of SDU members, whom all look up to him and respect him for what he does. Their mission is to apprehend and capture the notorious ‘Ice Queen’ whom is the so-called queen of drug smuggling. Despite mikes notify-able protest, he is involuntarily teamed up with Gigi Leung (whom you might recognise from other movies, such as ‘Hitman’ or ‘Full Throttle’) a rigid customs officer. Despite their clashes, they eventually understand each other and learn to work alongside one another in order to complete their mission.

There are several twists throughout the movie, where people seem to be double and sometimes triple crossing the SDU members and at times can get a little tedious. The character development for Michael Wong is set at a good pace, with enough background references to understand why he does, what he does. Unfortunately the rest of the SDU team are given very little roles and at times when a few SDU officers die, you seem to show no remorse, since you hardly knew them and there are plenty of them to go around anyway. Also with Gigi Leung and the rest of her customs team, the same could be said where more is focused on her perspective of the difficulty working alongside the SDU Team, disregarding the feeling of her team. This was a well thought-out movie but unfortunately the movie is far too short to actually be memorable. For better works of Gordan Chan, I suggest you consider ‘Beast Cops’ or ‘2000AD’.

Overall this movie is full of action-packed material and a good addition to the series (alongside Final Option and New Option), but one thing has to be said: Michael Wong really should try to recover from the habit of using half English and half Cantonese dialect in every movie, otherwise his career will never kick off in the HK industry.

Overall Rating: 7.2/10
Reviewer Score: 7