The Avenging Fist (2001)
Reviewed by: Arshadnm6 on 2005-04-12
Summary: Stunning, Spectacular and Simply Movie of Year, NO it is NOT!!!!......
A Special Effect and Super Hero fighting style entrepreneur, that seems as first better than the ‘Storm Riders Trilogy’, but introductions can be deceiving. Andrew Lau directs yet another comic hero / martial arts style movie in the essence of ‘Tekken’, over exhausted with special effects, the only evident difference is the fact all the actors are under 30 years old this time. ‘Alexander Wang’ (from the quirky side-kick of Aaron Kwok in ‘China Strike Force’) stars as Nova, a hot-headed ass-kicking teenager who spends all his valuable time watching street fighter matches and lusting over a Virtual Animated Doll named ‘Erika’ (Gigi Leung, from other previous roles in ‘Hitman’ and ‘A True Mob Story’). Nova and his disobedient twin sister Belle (played by Kristy Yeung, a fourth role in Andrew Lau’s Saga of movies) are children to Auntie Wing (Cecilia Yip), whom tries to protect her children from their miserable past. Apparently years ago her husband ‘Thunder’ (played by Yuen Biao, whom also appeared in Andrew Lau’s ‘A Man called Hero’) devised a powerful type of martial arts named the obvious ‘The Avenging Fist’, which unlocks the full potentials of humans in the martial arts world. Technology has also tried to achieve this at best by inventing ‘The Power Glove’ (sounds like something invented by the Nintendo Company back from the early 1990’s). Anyway it’s effects have proven to be disastrous for anyone whom might have worn them, including Police Inspector Dark (Sammo Hung), the Evil Villain Combat 21 (Roy Cheung) and the deceased Thunder. Now Combat 21 is hell-bent on finding the two youngsters Nova and Belle, so that he can acquire ‘The Avenging Fist’ from them, only Nova can stop him achieving the full potential of martial arts and at the same time vanquish his crazy idea of world domination.

‘Wong Jing’ was the producer of the picture and it shows. The storyline is simple yet at times you do feel it can get boring, but please you must restrain from reaching for the remote at all times. Also too much CGI has been placed in the movie, which the ruins the whole idea of Martial Arts and at times all you see are the good guys and bad guys flinging powerful plasma balls at each other, like Ryu and Ken in ‘Street Fighter’. Also there are not enough bad guy’s in the movie, which leaves poor old ‘Roy Cheung’ to do most of the work making life difficult for everyone, and might I say he does a splendid god of it.

We also have Stephen Fung and Chin-Kar Lok take a sort of back role in the movie, which isn’t too bad, considering most of the time they seem to be trying to hard to court Belle, but it would be nice if Stephen Fung would be given a much better role, i.e. where he starts of as a bad guy working for Combat 21 and then falls in love with Belle, has conflicts about his feelings and then decides to join the Good Guys Team. But no!!, as Wong Jing and Andrew Lau would have it, he starts of as a Good Guy working in a night club, as a bartender, and meets Belle there and so starts to develop a sort of love interest with her, then gets his ass kicked by the reincarnated ‘Yuen Biao’ (not really, he was assumed dead as first, but later his wife, Auntie Wing, finds out Combat 21 has kept him alive all those years to do his evil bidding, like that’s original), and finally gets these special powers given to him by the dying Belle (not really sorry about that, since I always found Kristy Yeung irritating in the first place) and so helps Nova defeat Combat 21, Woo-Hoo!!!

Overall this film needed work in numerous places and sometimes felt like it was rushed and a few scenes were just added for the amusement of the viewer, rather than help out the character development or the storyline. The presence of old Kung-Fu stars Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao is probably the biggest chip for this movie, both are welcome comebacks and really you do at times want to see more of them than these ignorant kids that they put in movies these days, not including ‘Stephen Fung’, ‘Chin-Kar Lok’ or ‘Gigi Leung’ whom I am a fan off. Both Sammo and Yuen make the most of their screen-time, especially Yuen, whom shows he’s still got the stuff for the action scenes; you really have to give them both a hand of applause!!

Overall Rating: 7.4/10
Reviewer Score: 7