So Close (2002)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-05-07
Summary: best action movie of 2002.
This may be my choice for best Hong Kong action movie of 2002. Corey Yuen has learned his lessons well while working in Hollywood over the last few years. The 3 female leads give outstanding performances, Karen Mok is, as usual, stunning as the policewoman. The script is well writtten, with lots of interesting twists and turns between Shu and Zhao, as sisters who happen to be highly skilled Robin Hood-like assassins, the nasty bad guys and the police. Lots and lots of gunfighting and ass kicking by the ladies who all manage to look like fantastic martial artists thanks to the brilliant use of CGI, camera angles, and the action direction by Director Yuen and Gwok Gin Yung.
Reviewer Score: 9