The Legend of Speed (1999)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-05-10
Summary: a rather dismal effort.
[1999 was a good year.] Promoted as a sequel to Full Throttle, this film, really a remake, is nothing like the Derek Yee original. Ekin Cheng is cast as Sky, the top champion in illegal street racing. Simon Yam is cast as his nemisis, a master race driver who defeated his father [Blackie Ko] years earlier. The film does have some interesting sequences. The racing stunt scenes by action director Bruce Law are up to his usual high standards, but they are too short. The movie also mixes in some CG effects with poor results. The film does feature 2 of the hottest race cars in the world.

After Ekin crashes and kills his hot girlfriend [Kelly Lam], he goes off to Thailand in search of his long lost father. Blackie Ko steals the show with his performance as the disabled ex-racer living a life very different from the one he had in Hong Kong. Cheng is much more wooden here than usual. Newcomer Ceclia Chung is wasted in this movie, looking like a deer caught in some headlights. Look for martial arts superstar David Chiang in a senstive supporting role as Sky's stepfather. Performances by supporting cast members Patrick Tam and Moses Chan represent a couple of high points in a rather dismal effort. In the end, The Legend of Speed doesn't, can't live up to to the standard of the earlier film.

Reviewer Score: 7