Bullets of Love (2001)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2005-05-25
Summary: Well made but routine
While the major turning points in this movie are obvious and can be seen a long time before they happen it is full of excellent performances and some well observed (although not original) characters.

With over thirty minutes left to run it is obvious how the movie must end so the bloody climax is not surprising but is still well done.

Supporting characters, especially Wai-Man Chan and Chi Hung Ng, are very well drawn and well acted. Asaka Seto is a beautiful woman and a decent actress. Wai Keung Lau is effecient and effective--he keeps things moving effeciently and knows the limitations of the script. For example the "band" is a bunch of amiable and slightly eccentric young men who who practice playing their instruments in a loft of the bar owned by Uncle Ox. They are in several of the the scenes that take place on Lamma Island and are onscreen enough to provide some local color and a bit of comic relief but not so much that they get annoying.

A well made but routine action movie.
Reviewer Score: 6