The Bodyguard from Beijing (1994)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-07-05
In The Bodyguard from Beijing, Jet Li plays Hui Ching-yeung, a mainland Chinese
bodyguard who is hired to protect Michelle Yeung (Christy Chung), the
girlfriend of a wealthy Hong Kong man after she witnesses a murder. Because the
main suspect is a powerful businessman, she is in constant danger from would be
assassins bent on preventing her from testifying. Ching-yeung's ultra-strict
rules infuriate Michelle and she is at constant battle with him. After a
shopping trip to the local mall results in a shootout with hitman, Michelle
realizes the trouble she may be in and comes to appreciate Ching-yeung's
protection. The first attempt having failed, the suspected businessman hires a
fanatic ex-soldier (Ngai Sing) whose brother was killed by Ching-yeung at the
mall. Having made the mission a personal vendetta, he makes a final assault on
the safehouse, determined to kill both Michelle and Ching-yeung.

Having been made just a year after the Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston The
Bodyguard, this film uses almost the same exact premise of the protectee
falling for the protector and vice-versa. This movie feels thrown together and
sloppy, as though the director was trying to get it out into the theaters as
fast as possible to capitalize on the success of the American version. The only
redeeming scene is the final fight between Jet Li and Ngai Sing, with the rest
of the movie having almost no action, cheesy dialouge and predictable
situations. Jet Li can, and has done better.

Reviewer Score: 5