Wing Chun (1994)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-08-05
Summary: Michelle Yeoh at her best...
Starring Michelle Yeoh, this tongue-in-cheek action-fest is a showcase for Yeoh and allows her to show off not only her great acrobatic fighting skills but her acting as well. Michelle plays Yim Wing Chun, a woman living in a small village who is an expert in the martial arts. Because of her prowness in fighting, she is often mistaken for a man, which leads to some clever scenes of mistaken identity. When bandits chase a woman and her injured husband into town, Yim Wing Chun is the only person skilled enough to fight off the group. Wing Chun and her sister take in the woman, named Charmy (Catherine Hung), and allow her to work in their tofu shop, where she becomes an instant draw to the men in town. Meanwhile, the leader of the bandits has decided that he deserves to have Charmy as his wife, and sets out to kidnap her. The story progresses with Wing Chun defending the town and beating anyone and everyone who dares to challenge her. Eventually, the bandits manage to capture Charmy, and carry her off to their mountain fort. Later, when a stranger (Donnie Yen) arrives in town looking for Wing Chun and does not recognize her (again, thinking she is a man), she is too embarrassed to reveal herself. The two were childhood friends, but had grown apart and not seen each other for many years. As the two become closer, Leung Pok realizes that Wing Chun is the girl he knew, and decides to help her rescue Charmy from the bandits.

A great showcase for Michelle's screen charisma and Yuen Woo-ping's fight choreography, Wing Chun is a funny, exciting and very entertaining movie. Yeoh is incredible as usual, whether she's dispatching bandits or playing serious scenes. She is also good in the comedic scenes, providing a unexpected break from the furious action. Colorful characters like Scholar Wong, Flying Monkey and Wing Chun's sister (played by Yeun King Dan) provide a funny supporting cast. Being a historical kung fu movie, there is a fair amount of wire work, but it very well done and not completely over used. The fight scenes are fast-paced and exciting, with Donnie Yen standing out in the later scenes. Michelle Yeoh is the true star of this movie and shines as Yim Wing Chun, bringing the beauty as well as the brawn to the title role.


Reviewer Score: 8