Women on the Run (1993)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2005-05-30
Reasons to like "Women on the Run":

1) Kim Won Jin (Jung Yuen) the Korean kicking machine. He is the real action star of the the film. As the villian--or at least the most villianous--his character has plenty of energy and his action scenes are amazing. They include landing both feet to the head of an opponent while spinning in mid-air. He dominates the screen whenever he is on it.

2)Tamara Guo who is quite a kicker herself. She lands three roundhouse kicks and knocks a guy through a closed door, taking the door with him, while naked.

3) The bonds that are portrayed as developing between the characters played by Tamara Guo and Farini Cheung are well developed and believable, even though one is a police officer and the other a drug addicted prostitute. Maybe is is really a chick flick.

Reasons not to like "Women on the Run":

1) It ricochets from mainland China to Hong Kong to Vancouver and back to Hong Kong too easily and quickly.

2) As a revenge drama the revenge that the two female leads take on the crooked cop who set them up isn't equal to the evil he has done to them.

3) Both female leads get gang raped.

4)During the big fight at the end of the movie when one set of bad guys run out of bullets they throw spears. And who ever runs out of bullets in a Hong Kong action movie?

5) The title could have been "Kung Fu Hookers" without changing scene or one line of dialog.

**********Partial Spoiler**********

6) Like many HK action movies, "Women on the Run" ends abruptly and inconclusively. Our heroines drive away as the credits roll after realizing that they still have to be on the run... A set-up for a sequel but since the character King Kong, played by Jung Yuen is killed there isn't much reason for a sequel. Unless he comes back has his twin brother, of course.
Reviewer Score: 5