Running on Karma (2003)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-06-11
Summary: extremely entertaining and thought provoking
Since the collabaration between Johnnie To and Wai Ka Fai as co-directors started in 2000 they made a series of films that started strong (Needing You... and Help!) but 2002's My Left Eye sees Ghosts was one of the most annoying movies ever made. 2003's Running on Karma is the best film of the 10 they made together.

Film stars Andy Lau and Cecila Chung, insuring box office success in the SAR. Lau plays a Shaolin monk/bodybuilder named Big who has the ability to see one's karma. Maybe more of a curse than a blessing, Big leaves the Monastery for the secular life as a male stripper. Chung pays female undercover cop. Top-notch performances from the 2 stars make the movie go. Screenplay is really well crafted, combining action, comedy, drama, bizarre martial arts, and Buddhist philosphy into extremely entertaining and thought provoking motion picture.

Action Direction by Yuen Bun is awesome, filling Running on Karma with lots of bizarre, titilating action sequences. Prosthetic make-up Lau wears as bodybuilder achieves mixed results here; not as good as the fat suits he used in To/Wai's 2001 film, Love On a Diet.

Reviewer Score: 10