City of SARS (2003)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-06-11
Summary: a cutting edge film
This is a cutting edge film with startling performances from several actors. Director Cheng Wai Man uses standard 3 story formula so common in Hong Kong films to blend drama, romantic comedy, horror and triad genres into entertaining, satisfying movie.

First story is about hospital health workers [a doctor, Patrick Tam, and a nurse, Kristy Yeung] who are caught at work in the epidemic and the personal anguish they suffer as the infections spiral out of control. Second story is a "love story" that develops between 2 ordinary citizens during a 10 day quarantine. Third story tells of a shady businessman [Eric Tsang] and how the economic downturn during the epidemic affects him, his co-workers [lead by Jerry Lamb], and his family.
Reviewer Score: 8