Dance of the Drunk Mantis (1979)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2005-06-17
Summary: 4/10
I've never quite understood why Drunken Master is rated as an all-time classic, but I can see why this follow-up from the following year *isn't*. The story is virtually non-existant, basically a lazy re-arrangement of Drunken Master, and it seems like it was of very minor concern to the film-makers anyway. It basically strings together some fight and training sequences that do show some imaginative choreography, but with nothing like the intensity that Jackie Chan brought to the earlier film. Yuen Shun Yi is actively annoying in the student role, and Simon Yuen doesn't do much except reprise his role as Beggar So. Hwang Jang Lee and Cory Yuen seem to be the only cast members who make much of an effort with their characters.

Worth watching if you literally never tire of acrobatic kung fu and comedic choreography, but definitely one for the devoted only.
Reviewer Score: 4

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