City Hunter (1993)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-06-18
Summary: Not horrible, but too wacky
City Hunter is a live action version of the Japanese manga of the same name, and has Jackie Chan portraying Ryu Saeba, a womanizing, comedic private investigator. Along with his sidekick Kaori (Joey Wong), he is hired to find the missing daughter of a wealthy Japanese business man. After a couple of comic capers, Ryu tracks Kioyko (Kumiko Goto) to a luxury liner about to embark on its maiden voyage. Unfortunately for Ryu, there is also a team of terrorists aboard, led by an American colonel (Richard Norton), and a duo of undercover agents (Chingmy Yau and Carol Wan) who have been tracking then. When the terrorists make their move and take the passengers hostage, Ryu, the agents and a card throwing vigilante (Leon Lai) must turn the tables and rescue the innocents.

If you enjoy Jackie's comic aspects, City Hunter is the movie for you. It basically provides Jackie an hour and a half to make faces and do goofy stunts. It is somewhat entertaining and funny, capturing the feel of a manga comic pretty decently. Unfortunately, there are some strange scenes thrown in the mix, including one where Jackie and the head villan are transformed into Street Fighter characters and battle (Jackie plays E. Honda and Chun Li(!) while Gary Daniels takes the role of Ken). It's pretty cheesy, but an interesting break from the rest of the film. Jackie and Joey Wong are pretty funny in their roles, and Chingmy Yau and Leon Lai provide some good action scenes. Decent, but not one of Jackie's better movies.

Reviewer Score: 5