Eastern Condors (1987)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-06-18
Summary: Excellent Dirty Dozen in Vietnam
In a plot very similar to The Dirty Dozen, Eastern Condors is about a group of Chinese prisoners who are recruited to blow up a weapon supply depot in Vietnam during the war. If they succeed, they will be awarded $200,000 and full US citizenship. Figuring they have nothing to lose, the group, led by the tough Colonel Lam (Lam Ching Ying), decides to take a shot. As they are parachuting out of the plane into the jungles below, the Major is told that the mission is aborted and that no back up will be sent to aid them. His men having already jumped, the Major takes the plunge as well, knowing full well that none of them will probably return. Once in Vietnam, they meet up with a group of 3 Cambodian women rebels (their leader, played by Joyce Godenzi, is married to Sammo Hung in real life) who are there to help them accomplish their mission. Along the way they are also joined by Yuen Baio, a smuggler/trader of American goods, and Dr. Haing S. Ngor (The Killing Fields), who plays his crazy uncle.

This movie takes no prisoners, with graphic violence and some incredible action. The plot, although basic, is entertaining, and the acting is also good. Sammo Hung is always fun to watch, but the star in this film is definitely Yuen Biao, with some nasty fight scenes and unbelievable acrobatics. The movie builds to a great climactic scene with a terrific fight scene between Sammo and Yuen Wah (the leader of the enemy Vietnamese squadron). Eastern Condors is a very enjoyable action movie with a good dose of quality martial arts thrown into the mix.

Reviewer Score: 9