Magnificent Warriors (1987)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-06-18
Summary: Michelle Yeoh to the rescue!
Michelle Yeoh stars as a supply pilot in what seems to be western China, where endless plains dominate the landscape. She gets involved in a resistance against an attempted take over of a strategic trading town by Japanese imperialists. The resistance's leader (Derek Yee), a bumbling con-man (Richard Ng) and a feisty female sidekick (Chindy Lau), and michelle fight the Japanese, get captured, escape, and lead an all out war by the town against the invading army. With plenty of martial arts and crazy action to go around, this film should be enjoyable to anyone that likes early Jackie Chan films (Project A, Police Story, etc.).

Michelle Yeoh carries this film with her usual blend of great martial arts and insane stunts. Although obviously influenced a great deal by the Indiana Jones movies, Magnificent Warriors manages to hold its own. With skilled comedic actors like Richard Ng, the good supporting cast makes the film fun. Although the plot is somewhat confusing, Michelle's charisma, acts of daring and incredible fight scenes and action prowness make up for any glaring story holes. Look for Lo Meng (Toad from the classic Shaw brothers kung fu flick Five Deadly Venoms).

Reviewer Score: 7