Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (1989)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-06-18
Summary: Yes, Jackie Chan can direct...
Miracles, directed by and starring Jackie Chan, tells the story of young man who comes to Hong Kong and, after purchasing a rose from a street vendor, starts having tremendously good luck. After buying the rose, Kuo Cheng Wah's (Chan) saves the life of a Triad boss during a shootout. Later, as the boss is dying, he indicates that Kuo Cheng should take over the Triad, beginning Kuo's wild induction into the world of organized crime. Being a simple man, Kuo decides to let his underlings handle the dirty business as he focuses on running a legitimate business. Later, Kuo meets Luming Yang (Anita Mui), the daughter of a former Triad partner who has died but still owes money. Kuo decides to let her pay off his debt by having her sing in his newly opened night club, the Ritz. In the meantime, believing it to be good luck, Kuo has continued to buy roses from the street vendor and, when she needs his help in impressing her daughter's fiancee's family, Kuo feels obliged. With the help of Luming and his concelate Uncle Hai, Kuo must not only throw the most impressive wedding in Hong Kong, he has to do so while being hunted by Hong Kong's Chief Inspector Ho (Richard Ng) and Tiger, the leader of the rival Triad group. As the title suggests, Jackie will need a miracle to pull it off!

With incredible fight scenes and some very funny parts, Miracles has all the elements of a great Jackie Chan movie. However, this film is special because of Chan's spectacular directing. Some of the best scenes are the wonderful tracking shots which sweep across the set, smoothly focusing on individual conversations and interactions. The actors all have great timing on their entrances and lines, making the scenes very enjoyable. Both Jackie and Anita Mui are excellent, as is Kuo's concelat Uncle Hai. Miracles is definitely one of the best Jackie Chan films to date.

Reviewer Score: 8