Naked Killer (1992)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-06-18
Summary: Wong Jing sex and violence
Simon Yam and Chingmy Yau square off in this incredibly violent and sexy thriller about a femme fatale let loose on an unsuspecting Hong Kong male population. Kitty (Chingmy Yau) is part of an immigrant family in Hong Kong that has come from the mainland. When her father catches her step-mother in bed with another man and is killed, she decides to take matters in her own hands to take revenge. After a failed attempt, she is recruited by Sister Cindy (Kelly Yao), who trains young girls to be expert hitwomen. After being taught the art of assassination and murder, Kitty becomes quite prolific and comes under the scrutiny of the police. One of the officers, Tinam (Simon Yam), dated Kitty before her transformation into an assassin, but he can't be sure if she is the same girl. Unfortunately, Tinam and Kitty have become reluctant lovers, which leads him to be the target of one of Sister Cindy's other proteges, Princess (Carrie Ng). Princess (a lesbian) has fallen in lust with Kitty and decides that if she can't have her, she will at least kill everyone important to her. This leads to the ultimate confrontation with Princess and her sidekick Baby (Sugawara Madoka) battling it out with Kitty and Tinam.

An ultra-slick film, Naked Killer is a fast, glossy and very over-the-top in it's violence and style. Fok Yiu-leung uses tilted camera angles and very sharp colors, much like MTV's somewhat tiring style these days. Although an interesting plot, it borrows rather obviously from Basic Instinct with its "cop in love with a killer" scenario. Definitely not a film for the squeamish, the violence is incredibly brutal, from men getting stabbed repeatedly in the crotch to graphic rape scenes. Naked Killer also throws in some very erotic sex scenes between its leads, including a pretty intense lesbian scene between Carrie Ng and Sugawara Madoka that rivals anything Hollywood has allowed on the screen. A decent movie overall, Naked Killer should probably be viewed only for it's filming style and the trademark Hong Kong violence.

Reviewer Score: 6