Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-07-10
Summary: Bruce Lee +60 lbs
Enter the Fat Dragon is a very simple movie mostly put together as a comedic vehicle for Sammo Hung, who also directed. Hung plays Ah Lung, a pig farmer who comes to the city (Hong Kong?) in order to work at his uncle's food stand. Lung is a huge Bruce Lee fan, and tries to imitate everything, from clothes to mannerisms. Being somewhat simple, Lung is taken advantage of, but with the help of his cousin and his fighting skills, he manages to extricate himself. There are many seedy elements in the city, including two men that want to take advantage of Lung's cousin's art skills in making fake paintings, and an odd art dealer who kidnaps one of Lung's friends because she reminds him of a lost love. Sammo uses his extraordinary kung fu skills to defeat the art dealer's multi-ethnic bodygaurds and the gang whose members are targeting his cousin.

The plot of this movie really makes no sense, it basically sets up Sammo in different situations in order to show off his martial arts and mastery of imitating Bruce Lee. He has everything down exactly like the real deal, from the use of Jeet Kun Do, the looks he gives people, the wagging finger, the noises he makes during fights, etc. You'd swear you were watching Bruce Lee with about 60 pounds tacked on. There is one excellent fight scene that underlies the feeling of the entire movie. Sammo goes to be a stunt fighter in a movie that features a Bruce Lee rip off actor and, after being insulted he proceedes to destroy the actor using Jeet Kun Do. At the end of the fight he lets the actor know that he is tarnishing the image of Bruce with these horrible movies designed to capatilize on Bruce's character. This is what makes this movie enjoyable - it is not another cheesy Bruce Lee rip-off, but a parody of these that pokes fun at itself at the same time. Although a weak plot, Sammo's acting and marital arts make it interesting. Look for Yuen Biao as the last fighter Sammo defeats in his Bruce Lee fighting daydream that opens the movie.
Reviewer Score: 7