Tiger Cage (1988)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-07-12
Summary: Extremely violent but disjointed
Tiger Cage, from director Yuen Woo Ping, is a pure and simple action extravaganza, made simply to keep you wondering what could possibly happen next. Fang Shun (Jackie Cheung) is a young detective in the Narcotics squad of the Hong Kong Police. After his superior officer is gunned down by a drug boss who had recently escaped custody, Fang Shun is determined to track the boss and arrest him. What he finds though, is a level of drug corruption in department so deep that he isn't sure who to trust anymore. After he videotapes a fellow officer operating with known drug dealers, he starts to find that people in the department will go to extreme lengths to keep him quiet. At first he has drugs planted in his locker and is subsequently suspended, but when that fails to deter him, his girlfriend is murdered. In addition, his partners start showing up dead, forcing him take matters into his own hands and bring every crooked cop to justice.

Extreme Hong Kong violence and an interesting plot are the main draws for this film, but they aren't really enough to save it from being a mediocre movie. The direction from Woo Ping is decent, with the emphasis on thrilling action scenes, but the rest of the movie seems to be thrown together around the gun fights, car chases and martial arts. Although not incredibly complicated, the plot is a little difficult to follow. Jackie Cheung and Simon Yam are good in their roles, but the main person to watch is a young Donnie Yen, appearing in just his third movie. His fight with Michael Woods showcases his speed and style, and is the highlight of the movie.
Reviewer Score: 6