Yes, Madam! (1985)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-07-12
Summary: Fantastic Yeoh, average rest
The second installment in the In the Line of Duty films (the first being the Michelle Yeoh action epic Royal Warriors) teams Michelle with Cynthia Rothrock as two police women from different countries trying to bust a corrupt business man in Hong Kong. Michelle plays Senior Hong Kong Inspector Ng, and Cynthia Rothrock is Senior Inspector Carrie Morris, flown in from London to help out on the case. As the movie begins, a British man is about to turn over a piece of microfilm (the only evidence that can prove the illegitimacy of a real estate contract), but is killed by a hit man. Unexpectedly, a trio of petty thieves nicknamed Panadol (Tsui Hark), Aspirin and Strepsil enter the room and make off with the film before the hit man can destroy it. It turns out the agent was Michelle's date for the night, and when she comes in and finds him dead, it sets up the plot in which Yeoh and Rothrock must track down not only the three thieves, but the hit man and his boss.

Yes, Madam! starts off with a bang and some classic Hong Kong style extreme violence, but then slips into mediocrity. Yeoh is strong as usual, and Rothrock is solid in her role as the foreign inspector. Unfortunately, a majority of the movie focuses on the trio of boyhood friends turned thieves. Although funny at first, their constant arguing and yelling becomes tedious and over-exaggerated, and more time should have been spent with Rothrock and Yeoh and their end of trying to solve the crime. The martial arts scenes are sporadic, but are well choreographed and exciting. The final scene in which Yeoh and Rothrock go to bust the bad guys is incredibly entertaining, with some death-defying stunts and great martial arts battles. However, the rest of the movie can't match that one scene, and therefore can't be highly recommended.
Reviewer Score: 6