One-armed Boxer vs. the Flying Guillotine (1976)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2005-07-13
Summary: The blind monk plans to kill all the one armed men...
The flying guillotine is the ultimate weapon that the monk wields to cut off the heads of his enemies while keeping his distance. He also has small bombs that he throws with decent but not total accuracy. He is stalking Tien Lung, the one armed boxer who killed his two disciples--and almost made it a triple header with Fung Cheh Wu-chi, the mad monk himself.

The One Armed Boxer is a self effacing, intelligent and resourceful kung fu master who saves the students in his school, rescues the heroine and defeats the foreign enemy. Every subsidiary bad guy is a foreigner--to show just how evil the Master of the FG really is, he uses most of most of the non-Chinese fighters to help him hunt Tien Lung.

They are quite a crew--the Indian yoga master (complete with turban)who has extendible arms, the Thai boxer enjoys hurting opponents, the Japanese who kills without a sword but uses a hidden knife.

There are two major set pieces--the martial arts tournament and the ultimate showdown in the coffin shop. The tournament takes up most of the middle third of the movie. It is interrupted after the completion of the first round--a good thing since every fight is to the death and there would be only one survivor. In one bout both combatants died.

If the viewer can accept the movie on its own terms--a workmanlike product of Hong Kong from 30 years ago--it is a rollicking good time.
Reviewer Score: 7