All About Ah Long (1989)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-13
Summary: Great drama--hidden meaning?
It was so amazing seeing Chow play it straight in this film. I liked his acting a lot in Prison on Fire, but seeing him be sensitive and weep openly here solidifies his acting expertise. I like the rest of the cast too, who also put in great dramatic performances: Sylvia Chang, newcomer Wong kwun-yuen, and Ng Man-tat, who's usually seen in comedies. It's a very interesting and moving story full of ups, downs, humor and tragedy. As for the ending, some say it has multiple meanings as if it works on some arthouse level. Or is it just Ah Long's fate, destiny, luck--it seems to played straight for what it is. Anyway a very thoughtful film and performance that won Chow a HK film award.

Reviewer Score: 8