The Sword (1980)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-13
Summary: Good early swordplay from GH
A cursed sword. A quest fulfilled. A love entangled in despair. Can Li the swordsman forget the past and concentrate on vanquishing Lian, an evil conspirator (and husband of his ex-lover) determined to get his hands on a powerful but cursed sword? And what will Li do with the sword once he gets it back? Keep it, or throw it away...?

I liked this film since it's a classic swordplay melodrama with all the things you come to expect in this genre. The "evil" sword reminded me of a certain evil ring I've heard about...Anyway, this is a pretty good swordplay flick. I like the cast, the twists and turns, and the final battle with the dramatic drawn out coda. I was pleased to find out Tony Ching did the choreography for the film, and also that Patrick Tam directed, who also did the arthouse-style film Nomad the same year. Two different films--wow. But The Sword is good 'ol fashioned martial arts excitement.

Reviewer Score: 7